Codeshare Flights : VAL / Seaborne Airlines

Base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges

Our published fare rules and regulations govern the calculation of the fare and other charges that apply to your itinerary. All fares and fees are subject to change without notice. If your ticket is priced by, a Seaborne or VAL Agent, or a computer reservations system, these fare rules and regulations will be included in the calculation of the ticket price that we quote to you. Additional government-imposed taxes and fees include: Airport passenger facility charges (PFCs) of up to $18. Other government taxes and fees including but not limited to U.S. excise taxes and foreign government taxes.

A Booking Fee, of $15.00 per passenger shall be charged for all reservations made over the telephone or at a Service/Office Counter. Reservations made online will not be charged a Booking Fee. All reservations in flights operated by VAL must be paid in advance, and when confirmed are deliver electronically.

Additional charges for checked bags, excess baggage weight or specific products will apply. Due to the size and nature of our aircraft, issues with weight and balance do arise. VAL assumes no responsibility for delayed baggage removed from a flight due to weight and balance safety concerns. All luggage must be properly packed and with no leaks to avoid denied boarding. VAL will not assume responsibility for perishable or fragile items.

All reservations made one week or more prior to a flights departure may be cancelled without penalty up to 24 hours after the reservation is made.

Non-refundable fares (Fare classes O, R, G,)

All fares other than Corporate Program and Unrestricted (“Y”) fares are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Non-refundable are non-transferable and non-assignable fares and may only be used by the Passenger named on the reservation at the time the reservation is made.

Fare class Y (Refundable)

Reservations for refundable fares may be cancelled at any time up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled departure and passenger will receive a full refund to the original form of payment. Name changes are only permitted in the case of refundable fares.

For more information of the Corporate Program of our Codeshare flights please visit the following link:

Cancellations/Changes/No Show

If reservation is not cancelled twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled departure, all money associated with the fare and tickets will be considered lost to the passenger(s) and shall remain with VAL. Changes and cancellations must be made 24 hrs. prior to departure and a $75 fee applies. If your flight departs early in the morning, you must call the day prior to cancel. When rebooking, the reservation is subject to any difference in fare.

After cancellations are made appropriately, tickets may be re-issued for $75 plus any difference in fare. All balance will be lost after one year from date of purchase. For partial used tickets balance will be lost within one year form unused date.

Failure to cancel prior to scheduled departure will result in a “no show” classification and forfeiture of fare. Passengers should call no later than 24 hours before flight departure to make cancellations, otherwise cancellations will not be valid with less than 24 hours prior to flight.

If a passenger arrives to the Counter later than 90 minutes before departure, at the Gate 45 minutes later to flight departure, or after checked in is not present when the boarding procedure begins, it will incur into a No Show.

A No Show will result in the passenger being charged the full one way fare and return segment cancelled. You will be required to pay a new fare for a new ticket.

Check in Requirements

All passengers will be subject to actual weighing upon check in. Connecting flights need a minimum of 2.5 hours with only carry-on baggage and 3 hours with checked baggage. You must note connecting flight at time of reservation booking. Counter Check In: 90 minutes before departure. Flight Closes 60 minutes before departure. Gate Check In: 45 minutes before departure. Gate closes 25 minutes before flight departure and boarding process starts 15 mins before departure. VAL will not be responsible for any passenger that missed their flight under any circumstances.


Infants under 2 years will travel on Parent/Guardia lap for Free. Children 2 years up will pay regular applicable fare and will occupy a seat next to Parent/Guardian.

Baggage Fees

All Luggage acceptance is subject to space availability in the aircraft. Carry-on or personal item or the combination up to 30 lbs is FREE. Carry-on bag cannot exceed 2 items and the following dimensions: 22x14x9 inches. Personal item must not exceed the following dimensions: 9x14x14 inches up to 10 lbs. Any item or the combination of items over 30lbs will have a charge of $25. All bags including Carry-on bags will travel on Cargo Compartment.

A $25 fee applies for first checked bag. A $40 fee applies for a second checked bag. A $150 fee applies for a third checked bag. All bags are subject to size/weight restrictions. No bag can exceed more than 50 lbs. No bags allowed exceeding 62 linear inches.

Regular size sport items Normal checked bags fees applies for Backpacks, Bowling balls, Camping equipment, fishing equipment, golf clubs, tennis racquets and other regular sized sports items.

Oversized/Overweight sport items Bikes, Scuba Gear with tanks, surfboards, and other oversized or overweight sports items are not allowed in VAL flights.


Transporting pets like dogs/cats have a total weight restriction of 30 lbs; pet and kennel combined.

• Pet will travel in the Cargo Compartment in a Hard Kennel provided by the passenger, limited to one pet per flight.
• A $200 per segment fee applies.
• Pet kennel maximum measure is 26"X18"X17". Kennels bigger than the specified size do not fit in the aircraft and will not be accepted. If this becomes a reason for you not to travel once you arrive to the scheduled flight, Vieques Air Link will not assume any responsibilities and you will lose your ticket. For passengers with bigger pets please contact in advance our Customer Service Department at 1 888 901 9247 to arrange a Charter flight.

Service Animals (SA) or Emotional Support (ES)

Service Animals or Emotional Support pets will travel on passengers lap for free if Security Restrictions for VAL aircraft can be accomplish for the flight:
• Pet cannot exceed 15 lbs.
• Valid documentation must be provided when reserving
• Reservations have to be done 48 hours in advance.
If the pet exceed the Security Restrictions, pet must travel on the Cargo Compartment in a hard kennel provided by the passenger and cannot exceed a final total weight of 30 lbs (pet and kennel combined).

For passengers with bigger pets please contact in advance our Customer Service Department at 1 888 901 9247 to arrange a Charter flight.


Rosters can travel: 1 or 2 roosters in correct pet container, subject to availability, traveling with a Passenger not as Cargo with all veterinarian paperwork in order. A $75 per rooster, per segment fee applies.

Acceptance of Passengers

VAL may refuse to transport or remove any passenger from its aircraft at any time for various reasons. Some could be: incapable to follow instructions from crew/ramp/security staff, or violent, appears intoxicated, with communicable disease/discharges transmittable or not, barefoot or not properly clothed, unable to sit with the seat belt properly fastened, unable to ascend/descend up to 7 step stairs, with offensive odors not cause by a disability or illness or who may jeopardized the safety of the flight.


Firearms and ammunitions are accepted in VAL flights for authorized citizens as checked baggage only and must be declared to an agent at check-in. Will only be accepted if unloaded and in a locked, hard sided container after properly forms compliance. Ammunitions must be properly packed and is limited to 5 lbs.

Flights Delays, Cancellations and/or Diversions

Flight may arrived later than planned due to weather, or unplanned stops or maintenance. VAL is not responsible for any expenses, damages, and/or liabilities resulting from missed connections. VAL is not responsible for any passenger that missed their flight under any circumstances.

Loss or Damage Baggage

Claims for damaged baggage while been transported in VAL flight must be done prior to leaving the port and is limited to fair market value at the time of loss, delay or damage, but will not exceed $200 per passenger for VAL solely travel. Val will not be held responsible for any fragile/perishable items declared or not, nor for items improperly packed.

Hazardous Materials

Materials such as spray paint, paint thinner, pesticides, and any item that contains compressed gasses or flammable fuels and/or oils, even drained are forbidden in VAL passengers flights. Please refer to TSA web site.

Contact Information

For further information please contact our Customer Service Department at 1 888 901 9247 or by writing to


Travel Information

Starting July 1st, 2017, flights operated by Vieques Air Link (VAL) between Luis Muñoz Marin Airport (SJU) and Vieques or Culebra will operate as codeshare flights with Seaborne’ s Airlines Code. Unless otherwise specified, Vieques Air Link, Inc. as the “operator” will apply fees and terms on Seaborne’ s Contract of Carriage (CAC) Rules Rev May 10, 2017.
When you purchase a ticket, book a reservation, or accept transportation on a Seaborne & VAL codeshare flights, passenger enter into a contract and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions in the CAC.
Terms and Conditions will remain in place for all Vieques Air Link reservations purchased prior to the codeshare agreement.